Summer break is an excellent opportunity for curious, motivated students to explore new passions, 提高技能, forge lasting friendships or even earn college credits. To find the best match for each student, resources are available through the 咨询 Department as well as the Summer Opportunities Coordinator. Students who are interested in connecting with a meaningful opportunity for the summer can do any of the following:
  • Check the Resources page of the portal for the Summer Opportunities Catalog and explore opportunities on their own.
  • Meet with their counselor, 大学辅导员, or the Summer Opportunities Coordinator to discuss potential interests and programs that would be the best fit.
  • Explore the catalog and discuss possible options and time commitments with their families. 
  • Seek the help of the Summer Opportunities with application materials, 最后期限, and any other support as needed. 
Opportunities are matched on the following criteria: student interest, physical location requirements (i.e. close to home or far abroad), compatibility with other summer activities, length of time and cost. Some programs are highly competitive and require essays, letters of recommendation or transcripts, while others admit students based upon curiosity, talent or motivation. The Summer Opportunities Coordinator will also help students to manage 最后期限—in most cases, two weeks are required to process each application, particularly if additional documents or recommendation letters are required.

Recent Opportunities


  • 运动 & Career Development

    • Local, national and international Hockey Camps
    • Irish Dancing National Competition
    • Summer athletic leagues and clinics 
    • Shadowing Professionals
    • Learning about Business Camp
  • Global experiences

    • National Geographic
    • 的突发
    • Global Public Service Academy
    • Yale Young Global Scholars
  • College coursework

    • University of Pennsylvania
    • 哥伦比亚
    • 杜克大学
    • 牛津大学
    • 剑桥
    • University of Akron
    • 乔治敦大学
    • 代码4明天
  • 实习

    • 克利夫兰诊所
    • Cuyahoga County Metropolitan Bar Association
    • ArtWorks - Young Audiences Northeast Ohio
  • 有偿就业

    • Camps (including GA Summer Camp) 
    • 妓院
    • 做球童
    • 车洗
    • 杂货店
  • Volunteer experiences

    • 青年的挑战
    • 辅导
    • Greater Cleveland Food Bank
    • Cleveland Animal Protective League


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