Gilmour Academy's technology initiative, LancerTech, is our campus-wide effort to empower our students and faculty. We're determined to make our STEM opportunities second-to-none and to keep our classrooms equipped with the lastest, 最吸引人的工具.


While many lessons are best served without the use of an Internet-connected device, we understand how to leverage personal computers to provide impactful instruction. We make sure all our teachers have ready access to a one-to-one ratio between students and devices if their lesson calls for it. We provide iPads (grades 1-2) and laptops (grades 3-6) to students in the 较低的学校. Middle and 上学校 students bring their own devices to class. Faculty are provided a Mac or PC of their choice as well as personal training sessions so they're comfortable applying their content expertise over new mediums.

More information about BYOD devices


4 -8年级机器人

Students learn 编程 fundamentals through our LEGO Robotics program that starts in the fourth grade. Every year the classes solve the challenges offered by the 第一个 LEGO League. Our students gain a maker's mindset, 了解软件组件, and are prepared for our 上学校's competitive robotics team.


Gilmour Academy offers some of the most advanced Computer Science opportunities found in any high school. All our students produce professional-caliber products. 我们正在制作VR游戏, 敏捷的机器人, 本地企业网站, 网络应用程序, 3D-printed 发明 and tons more. Our curriculum is being regularly updated and expanded, too.

数字媒体 & 其他人

Outside of the Computer Science Department, Gilmour offers a variety of high-tech classes in music production and new media journalism. 跨部门, instructors have worked with our technology specialists to include novel and impactful implementations of educational technology in their classes.


Solving technology problems around our school, our faculty have been developing tools to improve instruction. We build all sorts of helpful day-to-day scripts to make data management easier, but these are the apps we're building for public use.

Flaskinni is a starting point for app developers. It's a collection of open source tools with a 有用的指导. Our students in Web Dev use this toolkit to get their prototypes online quickly.

剑.io is a solution for schools' experiential learning programs. We're making it easy for students to keep track of their progress as they submit log entries, 与导师沟通, 建立一个作品集.


Gilmour Academy students launch new businesses every year. Not only do we help with the software or product at the heart of their businesses, but our faculty also helps students obtain seed capital, 注册他们的业务, 申请专利, 申请法律地位, and evaluate their insurance needs. While many products will never make it to a point where they're publicly accessible. 没关系! It's a big challenge but it's a wildly educational and exciting one.


Gilmour Academy competes in many levels of 第一个. 但是我们的旗舰团队是 月球探测器. This team competes in the most difficult, most competitive high school robotics challenge. Every year we explore new methods and increasingly sophisticated technologies we can implement on our robot. Students are involved at all levels, 包括筹款, 市场营销, 编程, 设计, 硬件制造.



We're fortunate to have a great 技术 office to support our BYOD program, 我们的网络, 课堂技术.


Every semester we have a contest where students submit 发明 使用树莓派电脑.


We're all very proud of our student newspaper, 吉尔摩长矛, a site built and maintained by our students.


All seniors are given time to engage with a signficant experience or project. This gives our students opportunities to explore fields or commit to ambitious builds.


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